SHIFT: A Streamlined Storytelling RPG

SHIFT is a tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG) designed for ease of use and collaborative storytelling. Similar to games like Dungeons & Dragons, SHIFT puts players in the shoes of fantastical characters guided by a Game Master (GM) who crafts the world and challenges they face.

The Core Mechanic: Freedom Through Simplicity

What sets SHIFT apart is its core mechanic. Unlike many TTRPGs that rely on a variety of dice and complex rules, SHIFT uses a single, streamlined system. This allows players to focus on their characters’ actions and the unfolding narrative, rather than getting bogged down in rule memorisation.  This is what makes SHIFT an ideal option for selected younger participants in our Kids Programs and newcomers in our school holiday programs.

Here’s how it empowers players:

Unleash Your Imagination:

Instead of limitations imposed by a complex system, SHIFT encourages players to describe any action their character can envision. This opens up a world of possibilities, fostering creativity and improvisation.

Focus on the Story:

By streamlining the mechanics, players can spend less time rolling dice and more time collaborating on the story. They can truly delve into the narrative and explore the consequences of their choices.

Knights of the Shed: Unlocking the Benefits of SHIFT

Removing Barriers:

The streamlined rules remove the fear of complexity that can sometimes hinder newcomers to TTRPGs. This creates a space where everyone feels comfortable participating and exploring their storytelling potential.

Building Connections:

SHIFT’s focus on cooperative storytelling encourages players to work together, build relationships with their characters and each other, and develop critical social skills.

Customisable Adventures:

The simple rule set allows therapists, acting as the GMs, to easily tailor the game to the needs and interests of each group. They can even adapt it to different genres, ensuring everyone is engaged and having fun.

SHIFT offers a refreshing approach to TTRPGs, prioritising collaborative storytelling and player agency. By removing the complexity barrier, it opens the door to a world of imagination, social interaction, and therapeutic benefits – exactly what Knights of the Shed strives to provide.