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Visions and Values

Our Vision

Our vision statement:

Our vision is to create a safe and inclusive space where Participants feel understood, supported, and empowered to navigate any challenge they may face.

Our Mission

Our mission statement:

Through evidence based practices and a person-centred approach, Knights of the Shed aims to empower our Participants to enhance their well-being and thrive in their daily lives.

Our Values



  • use professional language to describe Participant development
  • are mindful and encouraging of equal voice 
  • celebrate neurodivergence & gender plurality
  • seek to understand
  • are authentic and trustworthy in our collaborations
  • adopt a developmental perspective



  • model social expectations
  • are mindful of what our body language and actions signal to others
  • are accountable to each for our behaviour
  • provide honest timely feedback in a sensitive manner 
  • offer information from a data informed perspective
  • have professional respect for our colleagues and trust in their work



  • tolerate uncertainty and acknowledge that we may not have the answers straight away
  • are forward thinking in times of uncertainty and challenge
  • model empathy and vulnerability 
  • summarise and clarify for accuracy
  • assume positive intent