Complaints and Feedback

Your feedback allows us to provide you with high-quality services; we actively seek your input. Feedback can be provided anonymously or through written or online surveys or conversations with you. We would like your feedback on:

  • quality of care received
  • consistency of services provided
  • staff performance
  • supports that work for you
  • changes you want made to assist you
  • what you like and dislike about our services

You always have the right to expect the best possible standard of service from us, and we will treat any concern or complaint you provide as a serious issue. No matter what the situation, a staff member will not react badly to your complaint; you should feel safe knowing that they will not retaliate or hurt you in any way.

You can make an anonymous complaint to our Complaint Manager using the Anonymous Complaints and Feedback form provided during the intake process. Remember not to identify yourself during this process if you wish us not to know who is making the complaint.  

You can make a complaint regarding our services or a member of staff provided to work with you. If you do not feel comfortable making a complaint, someone else can do this on your behalf, including:

  • an advocate
  • a family member
  • a close friend
  • your care worker
  • a person you know and trust.

Once a complaint has been received, Knights of the Shed ’s Complaint Manager will investigate the complaint and find a resolution. The Complaint Manager will write a letter to confirm that your complaint has been received. This letter will provide you with the expected date Knights of the Shed will reach complaint resolution.

The complaint will then be investigated, and a plan to resolve it created. You will be informed of this plan, and we will ask you to provide your opinion on our recommended solution. You can advise if you are happy with the proposed solution or unhappy with the outcome and feel the matter is not resolved.

If you are not happy with the solution proposed by Knights of the Shed regarding your complaint, you can speak to other organisations, such as:

Commonwealth Ombudsman – Disability Services

Telephone: 1300 362 072



NDIS Complaints

Telephone: 1800 800 110

Email: or