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Professional Consultation

Mr Paul Lan (he / him)

Paul is available for Professional Development and Professional Supervision 

Paul is a registered Educational & Developmental Psychologist specialising in supporting children, adolescents, schools, and families. His expertise includes neurodevelopmental assessment and intervention, behaviour supports, risk management, and inclusive education. Paul firmly believes that positive self-identity and mental health are fostered through social inclusion and engagement. His work is grounded in a deep understanding of complex developmental trauma, attachment theory, and cognitive and executive functioning.

Paul has extensive experience working as a Senior School Psychologist in the Department for Education, Children and Young People (Tasmania). He has co-managed and supported a large team of psychologists to optimise psychological outcomes for student inclusion. He is also a Clinical Lecturer with the School of Psychology in University of Tasmania. 

As a Board Approved Supervisor, Paul provides formal supervision to provisional and generally registered psychologists.  

Paul’s research background includes evaluating youth wilderness counselling programs and adolescent leisure preferences. His professional interests centre on exploring and understanding the formation of self-identity through a developmental lens.

Mrs Ashe Lan (she / her)

Ashe is available for Professional Development and consultation in Case/Care Team Meetings

Ashe is a registered teacher and worked for 20+ years across primary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges.  She has been an Alternative Learning Teacher (specialising in supporting access to learning for highly disengaged students) and Support Teacher (specialising in supporting access to learning for students with disability), Advanced Skills Teacher in Autism and Inclusion, and in various roles pertaining to Student Support in the Department for Education, Children and Young People.  

She has delivered regular professional learning in Inclusive Education, Disability, Trauma and Behaviour Support to audiences including school staff, community groups and parents.  Ashe has provided consultancy to the development of Autism CRC’s InclusionED website for educators and has extensive experience in managing complex student cases with a variety of stakeholders.

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