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The Team


Social Skills Instructors

Social Skills Instructors are responsible for ensuring that social skills lessons, activities and discussions are delivered with fidelity to the psychological framework and utilise the evidence-based resources prescribed by the program psychologist.  They support participants to explore ways in which learning can be transferred to other environments and contexts.

Social Skills Instructors are responsible for providing direction to participants, staff and visitors to maintain a safe and inclusive environment.  They work with participants individually, in small groups and in large groups to help achieve individual personal-social goals and resolve conflict.

Advanced Therapy Assistants

Advanced Therapy Assistants are responsible for providing comprehensive support to the implementation of the social skills program, working closely with Social Skills Instructors and the management team to assist in the organisation and facilitation of various therapeutic interventions.

Therapy Assistants

Therapy Assistants support the delivery of social skills programs through small group activities and provide personalised support to participants.  They use evidence based tools and strategies to encourage participation and engagement.


Volunteers are unpaid members of the Knights of the Shed team who offer their skills and experience to provide support to the smooth running of the social skills program.