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Advanced Therapy Assistant

Tom joined the Knights of the Shed team in 2023 and is a dedicated therapy assistant who brings a physical and energetic performance to the table.

Tom has been a professional storyteller for more than 15 years, working with a wide range of people from all walks of life. He has strong communication skills, and a background in Drama and Thematic Interpretation.  

Tom is passionate about the power of storytelling; using it to help and inform people, creating an experience that connects with people and inspires them, especially the unique collaborative story telling of role-playing games.

Having been involved with role playing games since he was a teenager, Tom has been a dedicated Game Master or “forever DM” for the last five years. Guiding different groups of all levels through rich stories. It was through facilitating these sessions that Tom found it was helping with his own anxiety and depression. He knew he wanted to share this with others and use his skills to do more.
This is what attracted him to the use of TTRPG’s in a therapy setting and it was a dream come true to join the team at Knights of the Shed.  

Tom has extensive experience working with young people, from being the Ropes Course Director at summer camps in the U.S.A to running kayaking and hiking tours in the wilderness of Tasmania. Tom is practised at taking people out of their comfort zone and guiding them through an experience that is safe and supportive.