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Ethan W

Therapy Assistant

Ethan W is a Therapy Assistant at Knights of the Shed. They have a background in teaching Drama and have long been very passionate in the field of mental health counselling/social work.

They always aspire to make their groups at Knights of the Shed feel as comfortable and safe as possible while helping participants to achieve their in and out of game goals.

Dungeons and Dragons and other TTRPGs have formed a major portion of their teen and adult life and brought them friendships and skills that will last a lifetime and they are very excited to spread these gifts amongst many other groups at Knights of the Shed. 

When not actively trying to avoid killing whole adventuring parties, Ethan can be found meandering around Hobart and its surrounds, camera on hand, taking portraits and photos of people and architecture; playing board games; or baking sweet treats for their friends and family.