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Therapy Assistant

Sam has many years of experience on both sides of the disability support sector. Sam spent his first few years at Knights of the Shed as a participant in the Young Adults Social Skills Program, learning and growing immensely during that time. Towards the start of 2022, Sam was consistently demonstrating the skills and techniques required to successfully perform the therapy assistant role and was invited to join the team. Since then, Sam has worked hard to pass on the lessons he learned to participants both new and returning.  Sam has a gentle, insightful and curious approach to working with participants and he builds professional relationships quickly and authentically.

Sam has been participating in adventures and quests for as long as he can remember, having them makes managing the real world a whole different game. He’s been telling stories based on fact and stories that are fiction since he was about three, when he learned that Giants are real (Andre was the best Brute Squad). Playing games on table tops and screens has been an important part of Sam’s world- and home for some of his most important relationships. Books and screens are one way to explore and imagine – D&D has also been a fulfilling space to problem solve and create mayhem, try things, mess up and start over again. It’s a space he loves to share.