Knights of the Shed: Sharpening Social Skills in Term 2!

Welcome back, Knights! Term 1 was a whirlwind of social skill development, and we’re excited to dive into Term 2 with more engaging activities. This term, we are continuing to focus on strengthening those crucial executive functions: Self-Monitoring and Inhibition. Remember, these skills are all about being aware of ourselves and our actions in different social situations.

Building Sensory Superpowers:

This term, we are exploring the fascinating world of sensory processing! We are learning how everyone experiences the world a little differently, and how some situations might feel overwhelming for some, while others might crave more stimulation.

  • Sensory Detectives: Through fun experiments, we’ll discover how we seek and avoid sensory input.
  • Finding the “Just Right” Zone: We’ll explore tools and strategies to help us regulate our senses and feel comfortable in different environments.

The Power of Words:

Communication is a cornerstone of social interaction! Term 2 will focus on using our words effectively:

  • Validation vs Invalidation: We’ll learn the difference between validating someone’s feelings and trying to fix their problems. Knowing how to respond with empathy and support is key!
  • Sizing Up Our Reactions: Sometimes, our reactions might not match the size of the problem. We’ll practise techniques to keep our responses calm and collected.

Learning Through Sharing:

Active listening and responding to narratives are essential social skills. We’ll be honing these through:

  • Interactive Discussions: Both small and large group discussions will allow us to practise listening attentively and sharing our perspectives.
  • Charting Our Course: Visual aids like charts can be powerful tools for understanding ourselves and others. We’ll use them to explore different topics throughout the term.

Building a Strong Foundation:

Just like last term, some important reminders will be revisited:

  • Safety First: We’ll continue to prioritise everyone’s safety and develop our recognition of the 5 levels of behaviour.
  • Conflict Resolution Champs: We’ll explore different approaches to conflict resolution, learning how to handle disagreements constructively.
  • Positive Risk-Taking: Stepping outside our comfort zone can be incredibly rewarding. We’ll continue to encourage positive risk-taking in a safe and supportive environment.

A Message from the Knights:

We’re excited to embark on this social skills adventure with you all! Remember, social skills take practice, so keep participating, keep learning, and most importantly, keep having fun!

What sensory processing could be happening in this image?
Our brain as a filing system