Knights of the Shed: Term 1 Social Skills Program Review – April 2024

This term at Knights of the Shed, our social skills program focused on strengthening two crucial executive functions: Self-Monitoring and Inhibition. These functions play a vital role in social interactions, allowing participants to be aware of themselves and their actions in different settings.

Executive Function Development:

The program employed a variety of engaging activities – role-playing, small group discussions, compare-and-contrast exercises, creative artwork, and visual aids – to foster the development of these executive functions. Throughout the term, participants explored essential social concepts like:

  • Understanding Personal Space: The program addressed the importance of personal space, shared space, and public space, equipping participants with the skills to navigate different environments respectfully.
  • Nonverbal Communication: We delved into nonverbal communication, focusing on identifying and communicating unexpected behaviours. Participants also practised recognising and interpreting facial expressions, a key skill for building rapport and understanding emotions.
  • Effective Verbal Communication: The program emphasised the importance of active listening and using verbal expressions to demonstrate engagement.
  • Safety and Conflict Resolution: We revisited the crucial key understandings from A 5 is Against the Law. Additionally, participants continued to explore conflict resolution strategies, learning how to manage disagreements constructively.

Positive Risk-Taking: Building on concepts explored in previous terms, the program encouraged positive risk-taking, creating a safe and supportive environment for participants to step outside their comfort zone.

Continuous Development:

The Knights of the Shed program fosters continuous development. Term 2 promises to build upon the foundation established in Term 1, introducing new social situations and communication strategies to further enhance participants’ social skill sets. We look forward to sharing further updates soon!

A Message of Recognition:

We are incredibly proud of the progress each participant has made. Social skills are like muscles – they strengthen with consistent practice. Keep up the excellent work, Knights!

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